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Here’s a great, free Windows utility.  WizMouse gives you the ability to scroll in windows in which you do not have focus.  As long as your mouse is over a particular window, even if it’s a background program, you have the ability to scroll.  This beats the heck out of having to click on windows to get the focus, then scrolling, then returning to another window by clicking on it.


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Control Your Open Windows

Aerosnap, a new beta program, let’s you view two programs side by side on your monitor.  All you do is drag one program to one side of your screen, and drag the second program to the other side, to view two programs side by side. 


The free program comes with several options including startup with Windows, changing the size and activity of snapping zones or using hotkeys.  It’s easy to use and makes your computing life more convenient. 

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TuneWiki for BlackBerry


I’ve had enough of iPhone this and iPhone that.  Let’s talk cool apps for your BlackBerry, shall we?  Gear Diary reported that TuneWiki is available for the BlackBerry.  What is TuneWiki?  It’s a website that plays music of your choice and displays lyrics.  It’s a community forum.  It displays maps that show what other users are listening to.  It may still be a beta, but it’s pretty darn cool!  Now they have an app available in the BlackBerry App Store (yes, we have one too).  It’s a free download, but you can upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99.  Supposedly the free version is ad-supported, but I didn’t see any.  So let’s give it a quick walk through…

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App of the Day: Copy and Paste Made Way, Way Better!

A couple days ago I presented a software program called, CopyPaste Tool, a utility that allows you to copy multiple clips of information before pasting.  I liked it, but it had some issues.  As you know, the Windows Clipboard only allows you to copy one item at a time.  If you find yourself copying then pasting over and over, then a program like CopyPaste Tool or the new one I will present, will allow you to copy many items before pasting.

Clipomatic is a free, and excellent copy and paste utility.  It blows away CopyPaste Tool.  How?  check it out.

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App of the Day: Copy and Paste Made Better


Don’t you often find yourself going back and forth, copying things from two or more sources to paste them into one?  My work database is separate from my contacts database, so I have to copy the name, then paste it into my contacts database, then copy the address, then the zip, and phone numbers.  It’s time consuming and tedious.  But I found a cool, free software that will change all that!

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MSI Wind Q2 Mini Review


The MSI Wind is a small, impressive laptop.  It sports an 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 GB ram, 120 GB hard drive, Windows XP home, WiFi B/G and a 10.1″ screen.  It came with a wall charger, and some very meager instructions.  But fortunately it was simple to setup and use.  It is small enough to be very portable, yet large enough to be quite usable.  Lots more photos and info to come…

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WakefieldSoft Announces Election Day Sale


Save 25% on WakefieldSoft’s many titles until November 8.  I have been using LoanExpert for a long time and find it to be outstanding.  They are a first rate software company and with this huge discount you have a chance to get premium quality software at great prices.  Here’s the email they sent me:

We are celebrating our country’s freedom with our Election Week Software
Sale. Use the special discount code below to SAVE 25% on your purchase of
PC or handheld software until November 8th. Get out and vote too!
Visit to learn more about or purchase any of
our products which include:
* HealthFile  – organize your health information: weight, cholesterol,
glucose, etc!
* PDACookbook – recipe and cookbook software, menu planner, & shopping
* AutoFile    – track your vehicle trips, service, fuel economy and more!
* InfoSafe    – securely store your passwords, accounts, credit cards, &
* LoanExpert  – mortgage and loan calculator, amortize & save loan
* BookBag     – organize books or what you have read, use it at the
* DoInventory – inventory your home or business, barcode scanner support!
* VideoList   – organize your DVD and Video collection, carry it with you!
* AudioList   – organize your CDs, MP3s, etc. Download info from the
After adding one or more of our products to the shopping cart from our
website, enter the promotion code: VOTE on the shopping cart page, then
click Update Cart. Your 25% discount will be applied! (Note that the
discount will only work in our normal buy links, not with Paypal.)

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Great Deals at EBay and


I’m searching for a Canon SD1100 is for my wife.  She wants a quality ultracompact that is easy to use.  I went to the Canon website and found the retail price to be $199.99 (see screenshot below).


I figured with a bit of searching perhaps I could do better.  I tried


Overstock had it for $261.99!  Ouch.  The funny thing is, they’re supposed to be an outlet for overstocked merchandise so A) why is the price so high and B) why do they have an outlet store on their website, aren’t THEY the outlet?

I then tried Ebay.  I chose the Buy It Now option and arranged them from lowest to highest price.  The lowest was a used camera:


The least expensive new camera is the second one, which goes for $175.99 shipped.  Not a bad deal, but I decided to keep searching.  BestBuy has it on sale for $169.99 with in-store pickup.  Finally I tried Newegg.  They had it for $169.99 with free shipping as their regular price.

It pays to search.  I’m really surprised at how many places were over the retail price!  Ebay showed 280 results for the camera, with the vast majority at or over the retail price.  Even without the economy being so bad a little extra effort can yield great savings.  Don’t believe the hype of places like Overstock, always check Newegg first.

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10 More Free Pocket PC Apps You Want

My last Freeware post (also here) elicited many responses.  Who doesn’t love free?  Many of the free titles are excellent.  Nothing beats the passion of writing great software that many of these authors exhibit.  I present them in no particular order.  Without further ado…

1. Calc 98


Downloaded over 1 million times, Calc98 runs on pocket pcs and desktops.  It won Pocket PC Magazines’ 2003 best software award as well as receiving various other accolades.

Thanks Dan!

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10 Free Pocket PC Utilities You Need

These innovative utilities help your Pocket PC become even more useful.  I have gathered, over the years, some of my favorites.  I will share them with you here.   Please post some of your own favorites too.

In no particular order I present them now.

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