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BlueAnt Supertooth3 Bluetooth Handsfree Review


For those of you who don’t like Bluetooth headsets hanging in your ear while driving, BlueAnt presents the Supertooth3.  It features a built-in speaker that communicates with you through voice prompts, easy installation, and incorporates 6 languages.

Read on to find out how it performed.

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BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset Review

blueant-logo blueant-z9i-box

Let me cut to the chase:  This is the best headset I ever used.  If you want to read on to see why, feel free, or you can stop now and just buy one.

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The New Aliph Jawbone: Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone1 gold_front_large

The Original Jawbone 1                                            The New Jawbone

Aliph’s first generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset generated tons of interest when it came out three years ago.  It was so unique looking that people took notice.  It featured a futuristic, stealth-like design with a curve that followed one’s cheekbone.  It was attractive in a borg-like way.  You would expect those wearing them to have a battery compartment on their backs. 

It also featured noise canceling technology approved by DARPA, which resulted in excellent audio quality. 

The buttons were hidden within the design and some found them hard to press.  It had no volume rocker so one had to cycle through the five volume settings.

Aliph just announced the New Jawbone, which is slimmer, lighter, and more fashionable.  In fact, the designer of the Jawbone, Yves Behar, said,

“The Jawbone strategy we set-out to follow three years ago has proven that products that live on our face need to be designed differently than typical technology wares; we regard them as personal accessories or even jewelry, and, as such, believe they need to be a complete departure from the gadgetry of the mobile and headset industry.”

The new Jawbone is 50% smaller, features best in class noise elimination technology, “invisible buttons”, Touch-surface technology and a clutter free look, according to Jawbone.

So how did it fare in the real world?

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