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Break’s Over

I took a break from writing.  I didn’t realize almost a year has passed.  In that year lots has changed for me, but all in a good way.  Here I am in the picture below, 31 lbs lighter, posing w/my daughter Rikki.  We are sitting in the first row watching my favorite team, The White Sox.


Below is a photo of my car.  Check out the placard on the left.  Life is good.


I don’t plan on writing every day.  In fact, I have no plan.  But when the tech mood strikes, which seems to be more often as of late, I’ll share my thoughts.  Hope you keep visiting my site.


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Here’s a great, free Windows utility.  WizMouse gives you the ability to scroll in windows in which you do not have focus.  As long as your mouse is over a particular window, even if it’s a background program, you have the ability to scroll.  This beats the heck out of having to click on windows to get the focus, then scrolling, then returning to another window by clicking on it.

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Control Your Open Windows

Aerosnap, a new beta program, let’s you view two programs side by side on your monitor.  All you do is drag one program to one side of your screen, and drag the second program to the other side, to view two programs side by side. 


The free program comes with several options including startup with Windows, changing the size and activity of snapping zones or using hotkeys.  It’s easy to use and makes your computing life more convenient. 

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