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App of the Day: Copy and Paste Made Way, Way Better!

A couple days ago I presented a software program called, CopyPaste Tool, a utility that allows you to copy multiple clips of information before pasting.  I liked it, but it had some issues.  As you know, the Windows Clipboard only allows you to copy one item at a time.  If you find yourself copying then pasting over and over, then a program like CopyPaste Tool or the new one I will present, will allow you to copy many items before pasting.

Clipomatic is a free, and excellent copy and paste utility.  It blows away CopyPaste Tool.  How?  check it out.

Clipomatic will only copy text.  You download the software and it works in the background.  Use Control-C to copy, or right click and choose copy, as you normally would.  You can use Control-V to paste as normal, but to use the power of Clipomatic you would paste using Control-Alt-V.  This brings up a menu:


You then click on the item you want pasted.  Simple.  Clipomatic is set to hold up to 10 items by default, but you can hold as many as 64.

It also can hold Clipsets, a group of clips that you may use often, such as name, phone, email, address etc.  And you can have many Clipsets.  In theory this is an awesome feature.  In practicality I found it to be riddled with bugs.  I did get it to work, but only after Clipomatic shut down several times.  Here’s how you use it:


First copy the clips you’ll want saved.  Right click on Clipomatic in the System Tray at the bottom right of your screen.  Open Clipset Editor.   Then choose any items you want deleted and right click to bring up a menu.


I’m deleting the first two items, and keeping my name, a closing for a letter, and my fake email address.  You can edit the order of the items and the items themselves.  You can even add new items this way.  Then right click on the icon once more, go to Clipsets, then Save As, and name it.  I named mine SteveTest and SteveTest2.  The author of this software, Mike Lin, shows examples of how to do this.  But in his example the Clipset is labeled with letters and the new clips are numbered.  When I add new clips, the clipset items show up as well as the new clips, but they’re all numbered.  Also, there’s supposed to be a separator bar between the Clipset items and the cached items, but there is not.

A big issue I had with CopyPaste Tool is that I found no way to clear the cache of stored items.  The list kept getting bigger and bigger.  Clipomatic lets you clear all items.  After clearing all items you don’t have the saved Clipsets available and you must reopen them.  Here’s a screenshot of two Clipsets and some temporary clips:


I cleared the temporary clips, then attempted to open the two saved Clipsets, but only one was available.  So I’d say the Clipsets feature doesn’t work properly.  But even so, this is a very useful utility.  It works just as well in Wordpad, Excel and Word.


Saves tons of clips

Easy to use

Works on many different programs such as Wordpad, Word, and Excel


Only saves text, not photos


Clipsets don’t work properly

A bit confusing to understand how to actually perform functions


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