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App of the Day: Copy and Paste Made Better


Don’t you often find yourself going back and forth, copying things from two or more sources to paste them into one?  My work database is separate from my contacts database, so I have to copy the name, then paste it into my contacts database, then copy the address, then the zip, and phone numbers.  It’s time consuming and tedious.  But I found a cool, free software that will change all that!

CopyPaste Tool allows you to copy multiple items from different sources, then choose which ones you want to paste.  It’s easy to use.  Just use Control-C to copy as you normally would.  Copy as many items as you need.  To paste you would normally use Control-V.  To paste the second thing you copied, hold Control down, release V, then press V.  Repeat this process to get to the text you want to copy.  I’ve copied about twelve different items with no problem.  I have no idea how many items can be copied.

I did find a couple issues with this software, albeit mild ones.  When pasting to Wordpad, the first item is pasted correctly, but subsequent items will begin with the first letter of the first text you pasted, like this:

operator to quickly meet market demand
omanaging integration and deployment
oregion to provide VIVA with end-to-end support
oBased on its distribution agreement with RIM

However, it works fine with Microsoft Word:

operator to quickly meet market demand

managing integration and deployment

region to provide VIVA with end-to-end support

Based on its distribution agreement with RIM

Another issue I found concerns clearing the clipboard.  Normally you do it like this: Start > Run, then type clipbrd.exe.  But that only clears the last item you saved.  All the other items seem to remain in the clipboard, so if you copy and paste often, you may find a heck of alot of text snippets to scroll through to get to the one you want.  But hey, this software is free, so who’s to complain.

Get CopyPaste Tool here.


June 23, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews, Software, Steals and Deals

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