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Xpad Slim Review


In January of 2008 I had the pleasure to review the Xpad for Laptop, a nonslip laptop cooler and heatshield, and I have used it ever since.  As you know, laptops get mighty hot – up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit –  and uncomfortable sitting on your lap.  The Xpad for Laptop, as I said in my previous review, works like this: “The legs of the “X” shape are raised slightly above the base of the unit, allowing airflow and cooling.  Inside is a strong platform with insulative air pockets, and EVA insulation material at the bottom provides a third layer of insulation and acts as the non-skid surface.” 

There are no mechanical parts.  The design itself provides the cooling using passive technology.  No assembly required.  Just take it out of the box, put it on your lap or a desk, put your laptop over it and you are ready to roll.  It’s light and strong, and provides a great base for computing.  So does the new, slimmer version, improve upon the old design?

The first difference I noticed about the Xpad Slim is the size.  The original weighed 1 lb, and had dimensions 13″ x 10.5″ x .66″.  The new, slimmer model, weighs less than a pound and has dimensions 14.5″ x 10.5″ x .5″.  Both fit well under my 15″ laptop (see pictures below):

Lap_New Lap_Old

Top left: new, slim design – Top right: original design


Top left: Xpad Slim – Top right: original


Top left: Xpad slim – Top right: original


Top: original is less wide than the new Xpad slim

Both universal designs accommodate laptops up to 17″, but the new, wider design allows the user to spread their legs and be more comfortable.

The four legs of the “X” are now designed differently as well.  Take a close look:


The original model’s corners were solid, but these are vented, which allows air to diffuse through them, thus providing enhanced cooling.  Yet they are made with non-slip rubber and hold the laptop well.

I found the Xpad Slim to be excellent, and slightly better than the original, which I have loved.  It is thinner, lighter, and dissipates heat just as well, if not better, than the original.  As for durability, after thrashing the original for a year and a half, and letting my kids beat on it (and my poor laptop), the Xpad has held up extremely well.  I have no doubt both it and the new Slim will last a long time.  They don’t use any electricity such as USB powered laptop pads with fans, they have no moving parts and are light, strong and unobtrusive.  I highly recommend this product.  And you can buy them for less than the original.  They now cost five dollars less, $24.95 at the Xpad4Laptop site.

In my previous review I said the following:


light and thin


effective heat blocking

easy to use

doesn’t take up USB ports

quiet (no fans)


I would like to see a thinner design

Even though this is a very effective solution, it could be even better

The price, though reasonable, may be higher than some competitors

Well, it looks as though they addressed the minor issues I had.  It is thinner, better and less expensive.  What else can you ask for?


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