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How To Make Free Ringtones For Blackberry

Why pay money for ringtones when you can make them yourself easily?  My guide will take you through the very easy steps.  You’ll have your own ringtones in minutes!  I’ve only tried this on the Blackberry Curve, but I bet you can use it for many types of phones.

Open up the free Audacity software.


Then pick out an mp3 that you will convert to a ringtone.

Start playing the song and familiarize yourself with a 15 second section that appeals to you as a ringtone.  Then click on the bottom section with your mouse at the point you want the section to begin.


In the screenshot above, the mouse cursor will look like a hand when you choose the beginning of the section.  Click and drag on the section to extend it to 15 seconds.

Below you can see the 15 second section is in gray, starting at the 11 second mark.


When you choose a section to play, the text at the very bottom of the screen tells you the length in time.  When you press play, Audacity will only play that section.  Once you decide that your 15 second section is as you want it, you are ready to cut that section out.


Simply go to the Edit menu and choose cut.  Then press File, New.  A second instance of Audacity will open.  Choose Edit, Paste, and your 15 second section is pasted.


Next, you will edit the music so it plays well on your phone but doesn’t take up too much memory.  Choose, Edit, Preferences.


In the Quality Tab, make sure your Default Sample Rate is no higher than 32000 Hz, and the Sample Format Rate is no higher than 16 Bit.  Under File Format Tab, at the bottom, make the mp3 Export Bit Rate about 64.  Press ok to save your changes.  Then choose File, Export Selection As mp3.  Make sure you have the Lame DLL already downloaded.  If not, it’s free and allows Audacity to export mp3 files.


Your mp3 is now saved.  Next, you will email it as an attachment to yourself.  On your phone, Open your attachment, then choose Download and Play.  It may take a minute or more for this step, depending on your phone provider speed.  Next, click Open Attachment.  Then it will begin to play.  Press the Blackberry button and choose Save as Ringtone.  That’s it!


April 14, 2009 - Posted by | Blackberry, Mp3, Tutorial, Utilities

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