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Who Ran a Better Campaign, Obama or McCain?


I just read a great article at the Huffington Post.  The premise was that if you consider how each man ran his race, you would get an idea of what kind of president they would make.  It looks at things like their VP picks.  While Obama was extremely thorough in his search, McCain made a quick pick of Palin without much investigation.  This quote sums it best:

“And what did McCain do? When the right-wing elements of his party would not let him choose Joseph Lieberman, he responded by impetuously going with Sarah Palin. He reportedly made the decision after having had only one meeting and one phone conversation with her, and with no formal vetting process. And how did that work out for McCain? Palin has been roundly criticized, by individuals with a range of political orientations, for being unfit to be vice president. And while her selection energized the base and gave McCain a much-needed jolt of excitement in the campaign, the long-term results were far less positive. Her shocking lack of knowledge and depth of thought, as exposed in her disastrous interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric and her talking-points spewing performance in the debate, ultimately caused her to become a drag on the ticket, preventing many independents from supporting McCain. And she seemed to have an endless stream of skeletons in her Nieman-Marcus-stuffed closet, from ethics violations to the secessionist party her husband belonged to.”

You don’t have to be a political junkie (I’m not), nor a fan of either candidate, to really appreciate this excellent, well thought out and written article.


November 3, 2008 - Posted by | Opinions, Social Events

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