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Great Deals at EBay and


I’m searching for a Canon SD1100 is for my wife.  She wants a quality ultracompact that is easy to use.  I went to the Canon website and found the retail price to be $199.99 (see screenshot below).


I figured with a bit of searching perhaps I could do better.  I tried


Overstock had it for $261.99!  Ouch.  The funny thing is, they’re supposed to be an outlet for overstocked merchandise so A) why is the price so high and B) why do they have an outlet store on their website, aren’t THEY the outlet?

I then tried Ebay.  I chose the Buy It Now option and arranged them from lowest to highest price.  The lowest was a used camera:


The least expensive new camera is the second one, which goes for $175.99 shipped.  Not a bad deal, but I decided to keep searching.  BestBuy has it on sale for $169.99 with in-store pickup.  Finally I tried Newegg.  They had it for $169.99 with free shipping as their regular price.

It pays to search.  I’m really surprised at how many places were over the retail price!  Ebay showed 280 results for the camera, with the vast majority at or over the retail price.  Even without the economy being so bad a little extra effort can yield great savings.  Don’t believe the hype of places like Overstock, always check Newegg first.


October 2, 2008 - Posted by | Opinions, Steals and Deals

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