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Spam the Fax Spammers

If you have a fax machine at home you most likely get spam faxed in?  Annoying, right?  Here’s what one guy did to combat the situation (taken from Consumerist):

For weeks now I have been receiving fax calls on my house line, a number I’ve had for over twenty years and now ported to VOIP; somehow, at some point, it got included on a telemarketing fax CD.

I get them 3-4 times a day, each repeated 3 times, starting at 6 AM. Being awaken by the cheerful chirping of a fax when answering the phone isn’t my cup of tea: Nobody calls me at six, so when it rings I always think there is some kind of emergency!

I finally decided to do something about this problem, and using the caller ID number as starting point, Google kindly provides me with the main number and name of the offending company.

The receptionist was not so receptive to my request: Seems they have many employees, and no interest in tracking down who is sending what, because they are very, very busy. Goodbye.

OK. Fine by me. One great advantage of my VOIP provider (Primus, for anyone who cares) is that their base package includes many interesting features, including the possibility to redirect any number to another. Thirty seconds later, I had the fax number redirected to the receptionist’s number.

Since the redirection happens at the exchange, it will of course be a bit more difficult for them to track down the origin of these new, annoying calls than if they had been willing to listen to my complaint. They had their chance, and blew it.

I call this forcing corporate responsibility.

I wish I had the same phone service!  What have you done to combat the fax spammers?


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Will Netbooks Push UMPCs Out?


Netbook and UMPC defined:

According to Wiki a netbook is,

“The term netbook was re-introduced by Intel in February 2008[1] to describe a category of small-sized, low-cost, light weight, lean function subnotebooks optimized for Internet access and core computing functions (e.g., word processing) — either directly from applications installed on the netbook itself or indirectly, via cloud computing.[2] More than 50 million Netbooks are expected to be in widespread circulation by 2011.[3] Netbooks (or sub-notebooks as they may be known) typically come with an 7-inch to 10-inch screen [4]

According to Wiki a UMPC is,

“In personal computers, Ultra-Mobile PC (often abbreviated UMPC) is a small form factor (a standard size and shape) for tablet PCs, which was developed as Project Origami. This project is a joint development exercise by Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung, among others. Intel is also responsible for the Mobile Internet Device, a variation on the UMPC concept. Recently, the term has gained a second meaning as a synonym for subnotebook or netbook.”

Read on for more insight:

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