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10 More Free Pocket PC Apps You Want

My last Freeware post (also here) elicited many responses.  Who doesn’t love free?  Many of the free titles are excellent.  Nothing beats the passion of writing great software that many of these authors exhibit.  I present them in no particular order.  Without further ado…

1. Calc 98


Downloaded over 1 million times, Calc98 runs on pocket pcs and desktops.  It won Pocket PC Magazines’ 2003 best software award as well as receiving various other accolades.

Thanks Dan!



You can easily visualize your images and photos on your Pocket PC with XnView Pocket. Thanks to these many tools of final improvement you can correct your photos, share them with your friends and your family by sending them by e-mail. XnView Pocket makes it possible to you to realize slide shows particularly with the executable format readable by all.

Thanks Julie!

3. Pocket CM (Contact Manager).11


This one is for WinMo 5 or 6.

According to the website:

  • Usable entirely with your finger, you’re stylus free
  • Favorite contacts list, to easily find and call your friends
  • SMS handling, with SMS conversation mode: easily get into context, don’t switch back and forth to remember what was the last message
  • Fully customizable and themeable.
  • Free for personal use (However donation are appreciated)

    Thanks Mark Kennedy and Radimus!

    4. vTap v0.13


    Search, Browse, and watch over 100 million web videos for FREE from tens of thousands of popular web sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Myspace, all on your mobile.

    Thanks again Mark Kennedy!

    5. NewsGator



    Do you spend too much time trying to figure out what’s new on your favorite web sites and blogs? NewsGator’s Online tracks it all and brings the web pages to you.
    Now you can read more and search less. And it’s free!


    Thanks paulcb!

    6. Mobimate


    The WorldMate product line takes care of all your travel needs – on the road as well as in your back office.  Plan, execute and report your travel like the true professional you are.
    WorldMate turns your handheld device into the ultimate travel assistant, saving you time, money and stress.

    Thanks trondis23!

    7. ThemeGenCE v2.5


    from the website, “Pocket PC Themes let you personalize appearance of pages Today and Start. They have for file extension «.TSK». These files are in fact CAB files for installation on Pocket PC, renamed in TSK. They respect the standards of files CAB defined by Microsoft. A file CAB (and thus TSK) includes in fact one or more files.”

    Thanks breley!

    8. FlashVideoBundle

    Watch YouTube and Google videos on your pocket pc with TCPMP.


    “For all you Tube-aholics, this is it! You now have direct, unfettered access to Youtube, Google Video & Veoh, in all their glory. Install the CABs listed below, go directly to these websites, and click on a video to play. That’s it”

    Thanks and mark!

    9. Currency Converter


    Currency Converter is a program that makes it easy to convert an amount from one currency to another. Its strength is that it can search for exchange rates on the Internet if the Pocket PC is on line (either by “pass through” when in its cradle or when directly connected).

    Thanks Mark Kennedy!

    10. Adobe Acrobat PDF 2.5 Diamond Version


    From the genius at XDA Developers.  According to Aximsiter Gylman, ”

    I have tried this out, and it really works very well! It does reflow even on files that are not tagged. It is inferior to Acrobat 2.0 in only one way – there is no way set it up so tapping on the screen advances to the next page, so you have to use the scroll bar. Also, it does not work with 2003SE.
    Still, this has permitted me to read files that previously were unreadable on my beloved HX4700. Thanks for the excellent tip, Horgel!”

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.  There are a multitude more freeware apps.  Let us know which ones you can’t do without. 

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