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InvisibleSheild Review


The HTC Advantage without invisibleSHIELD applied

I recently had the opportunity to test drive the invisibleSHIELD by Zagg.  It comes in full body protection or just screen protection.  I was intrigued by it because of Zagg’s description:  “The invisibleSHIELD is the toughest, most durable gadget scratch protection film available on planet Earth. The film has its origins in the U.S. military, where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear while traveling hundreds of miles per hour. Our proprietary film is a clear, urethane plastic (invisible, invincible) with unique properties that allow it to provide self-healing qualities and unparalleled abrasion resistance.”


Read more to find out how it works.


invisibleSHIELD box for HTC Advantage

Most of us gadget owners have more than money invested in our devices.  It can take hours to set up your device just the way you want.  We also have an emotional attachment to these units.  Plus, many of us are fanatical about getting extras to enhance these devices.  So how does invisibleSHIELD fit into this thinking?  Quite well, actually.  Though not easy to apply, the finish is very strong and protective. 


invisibleSHIELD contents (L to R): the invisibleSHIELD parts, instructions, top right is the squeegee, and bottom right is the Shield Spray


Box contents.  Notice no specific item instructions.

One thing I noticed when removing the contents of the box, was that there were no instructions specific to my Advantage.  The front of the box has no photo of the unit to illustrate where the many parts are applied.  This is in contrast to invisibleSHIELD’s more common protectors, such as for the iPod, where a photo on the front of the box makes it clear where the parts are applied.  I found many precut parts, a squeegee and Shield Spray.  The Shield Spray can be refilled with water, as there is enough “residue” in the bottle to be effective in such cases. 


Peeling the screen protector

You begin the application process by thoroughly washing your hands, then apply some Shield Spray to your fingers.  You then begin to remove parts from their backing and give them a good spray on both sides.

Cust_Stores 019

Use the Shield Spray to wet the screen protector before applying

Cust_Stores 020

Use the squeegee to smooth out the screen protector

It is expected that you will apply the parts wet, and you are warned to not turn on your gadget for 12 – 24 hours.  After application of each piece, use the included squeegee to remove excess moisture. 


Rear of the Advantage without invisibleSHIELD applied


The invisibleSHIELD goes on very wet


The squeegee removes excess wetness

Most of the pieces were relatively easy to apply.  But some of the smaller pieces that had to be applied over curves were not.  Though the film is somewhat flexible, and somewhat sticky, it had trouble being both flexible and sticky at the same time.  Particularly, I had a bit of trouble applying it on the bottom edge of the unit.  The photo above show the rear of the unit, and the thinner surface on the bottom of the photo that contains the sync connection for the keyboard, the battery compartment and the miniSD card slot; it was this surface I had the most trouble with.  The Zagg Website has FAQs and application guides to help you along.  I also found their customer service to be very responsive.  They offer various techniques that help you with the tougher applications.  Some parts just require more work than others.  And patience. 


Again, it is not easy to apply the full body kit.  Set aside plenty of free time – at least one hour – and bring your patience.  Now, does this detract from this product?  On the contrary, application is generally just a one time affair, but the result is outstanding.  The photo below shows the front of the Advantage with the screen protector and the front panel applied.  It gives the black metal a nice glossy finish, and leaves the screen very readable, even in the outdoors.


After installation the Advantage appears glossy

The invisibleSHIELD can be removed by simply peeling it off starting at a corner.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty:

“The invisibleSHIELD is so tough, we guarantee it for the life of your electronic gadget. Unlike other screen protectors where you must purchase many protectors over time, the invisibleSHIELD is guaranteed to last! If it ever scratches or peels off, we will replace it, for FREE, for LIFE!”

So how did it perform?  The invisibleSHIELD protected my device well over the last several weeks.  Despite its smooth, glossy appearance, it is very grippy.  This is good and bad.  It’s easier to hold the unit, but tougher to write on the screen protector.  The screen protector wants to grip the stylus.  This makes it more difficult to write. 

I also applied a full body kit to my iPod Classic.  That one was far easier to apply because the iPod doesn’t have as many irregularly shaped parts.  The application only took about 15 minutes as opposed the the nearly one hour needed for the Advantage.  The only negative I found on the iPod full body kit, is the clickwheel has become more grippy.


iPod without protection


iPod with invisibleSHIELD

One can argue the iPod looks better with the full body kit applied.  As you can see in the above photo, there is one piece for the screen, one for the body, one for the click wheel and one for the button at the center of the click wheel.


iPod rear without protection


iPod with invisibleSHIELD on rear


Notice the tear-drop shaped corner piece


The iPod is protected on every surface.  The full body kit even protects the corners.  Like with the Advantage, I found the unit was easier to grip after the application of the full body kit.  The screen was not negatively affected by the screen protector.  However, since the clickwheel is touch sensitive, I found that it’s new grippiness makes it a tad bit harder to control.  It requires a lighter touch to work it.

The HTC Advantage costs $24.95 for the full body kit including keyboard protection, and the screen protector costs $14.95.  The iPod Classic costs $24.95 for the full body coverage and $11.95 for the screen protector.

Visit them at their homepage.


  • Excellent protection.  Strong enough to protect helicopter blades
  • Adds grip to your gadget to make it easier to hold
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Great customer service
  • kits available for over 2500 gadgets
  • kits are cut perfectly


  • Can be tricky to install
  • The grippiness works against you when writing on the screen or using the clickwheel
  • No instructions for some products makes it tough to figure out where the many parts are applied

Overall I feel the full body kit has added value to my devices.  I feel confident that they will be protected, even when not in a case.  According to their website, the invisibleSHIELD can take tons of abuse.  I didn’t purposely scratch my devices, but after a couple months’ of use I see absolutely no scratches.  I’m very impressed.  On the other hand, I wish they would make the screen protectors less grippy.  Same with the part for the clickwheel.  Other than that, and the tad bit of difficulty in applying some parts, I am very happy with this product.  The couple times I had questions I quickly found answers on their website.  The one question that couldn’t be answered was taken care of quickly via email.  The excellent guarantees show they stand behind their products.


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