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Red Light Camera Protection For You

In Chicago and many other big cities red light cameras are set up to capture the license plates of drivers who go through red lights.  Fines are often $100 or more and can add up. has a solution.


According to them, “A majority of red light & speed cameras utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car. Once sprayed onto your license plate, the PhotoBlockerTM special formula works to create a high gloss that reflects the flash back to the camera. This overexposes the image of your license, rendering the picture unreadable. Ultimately, with PhotoBlockerTM your license becomes invisible to traffic cameras, yet stays completely legible to the naked eye.”

It’s not cheap.  I paid $43.99 shipped.  I suppose it’s cheaper than paying a fine, however.  I’ve been caught once and fear I may have accidentally gone through a red light yesterday.  So in that sense maybe it’s not so expensive.  I would guess it’s just a gloss polyurethane spray you can buy for $3 at the hardware store, but I’ll try this stuff.  According to the website, one can will spray four license plates.


I don’t really know how to test it.  Should I spray it then go through some red lights and see what happens?  The website has some news stories from various media outlets detailing how well it works.  I was impressed with the videos.



They also claim the following:

• 500,000 CANS IN 23 COUNTRIES!
• REFLECTS traffic camera flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!
• FAST spray-on formula!
• INVISIBLE to the naked eye!
• EXCLUSIVE formula! Good for up to FOUR plates!
• BEST alternative for when you can’t use an anti-camera license plate cover!
• ONE TIME application is good for life!
• 100% Legal to buy and sell!
• Get a can before you get a ticket!


I guess I’ll see how it works over time.  If I don’t get any fines perhaps this will have paid for itself.  Either way I’d just like a little peace of mind.  I don’t want the city taking food away from my kids.  Have anyone else used this product or  something similar?  I was thinking about getting a license plate clear cover to protect against cameras but they are illegal in Illinois.

Check them out at


July 17, 2008 - Posted by | Opinions

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