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XPad4Laptop Review



Holy cow, my laptop gets mighty hot.  Laptops don’t employ such effective cooling methods as desktops, thus the whole bottom acts as sort of a radiator, dissipating heat.  According to their website, laptops can give off 130 degrees Fahrenheit of heat and more.  That is hot.  I’ve tried many solutions to block the heat, but none so effective as the Xpad4Laptop. 

First Impressions and Specs

So what is this thing?  My initial impression is of a thin, plastic coated, very light, board.  According to the website it weighs just one pound, and measures 13″ x 10.5″ x .66″.  The bottom and the 4 legs of the “X” on the top face contain non-skid pads. 


The Xpad accommodates laptops with screens measuring up to 17″.  It is a universal size.  Again, it is so thin that after using it a couple times I don’t even notice it’s there anymore.  It’s very portable as well.  It easily fits into a laptop bag and doesn’t add noticeable heft. 

The Technology

But how does it work?  There are no fans, electrical or mechanical devices on the unit.  You just put it under your laptop and you are set.

xpadTopFace xpadBottom

The legs of the “X” shape are raised slightly above the base of the unit, allowing airflow and cooling.  Inside is a strong platform with insulative air pockets, and EVA insulation material at the bottom provides a third layer of insulation and acts as the non-skid surface.  I don’t understand all the tech stuff.  I just know that it works. 


While no solution completely blocks all the heat from contacting your legs, this Xpad has come amazingly close.  Other solutions use up USB ports and utilize fans, which in itself creates heat and noise.  But the Xpad’s passive heating technology just relies on a great design to do the job.  The result, even when using a laptop for hours, is the same feeling as having a warm, comfortable blanket on your legs.  And a warm blanket is far better than a burned lap. 


I have found the Xpad to be a very effective solution.  To put it simply, it works.  It does it’s intended job without reminding me it’s there.  It sits, unobtrusively, above my lap doing its job without asking for any kind of recognition.  It’s kind of like the military’s “stealth” technology.  I happily recommend it to all laptop users.  At $29.95 it is a great solution at a reasonable price.


light and thin


effective heat blocking

easy to use

doesn’t take up USB ports

quiet (no fans)


I would like to see a thinner design

Even though this is a very effective solution, it could be even better

The price, though reasonable, may be higher than some competitors

I rate this a 9/10.  It is a fantastic product.  Visit them at Xpad4Laptop


June 17, 2008 - Posted by | Accessories, Laptops

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