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10 Free Pocket PC Utilities You Need

These innovative utilities help your Pocket PC become even more useful.  I have gathered, over the years, some of my favorites.  I will share them with you here.   Please post some of your own favorites too.

In no particular order I present them now.


1. AE Button Plus – With this program you can assign up to four different keypress events to a single button.  I use it in conjunction with my WiFi button.  I assigned a long keypress to it, which takes screenshots using another awesome utility that’s next on my list.  When I press the WiFi button once, WiFi turns on.  If I hold the button down for several seconds it will, instead, take a screenshot of my device.

2. Magic SS – This Screen Capture utility is simple to use.  Just map it to a button and it will save images as BMP files in your My Documents folder.


3. CIA World Factbook – Designed to be used in your browser, even if you’re not connected, it allows you to Find maps, country profiles, flags, and facts and figures about nations around the world.



4. Converter CE – Freeware version of Converter Pro, it converts the most commonly used units such as Temperature, speed, weight, length, volume, computer, power, torque, area, energy, force, and pressure units.


5. AlarmClock – Easy to use and it works. 


6. TCPMP – Video player that has tons of codecs and viewing options including various aspect ratios, video speed, various audio codecs, and it’s really easy to use. 


7. Total Commander – Windows Explorer for the Pocket PC. 


8. Audacity – Ok, it’s not exactly for your Pocket PC, at least not directly, but you can use it to make new sound clips for your Pocket PC’s alarms.  Here’s the Tutorial.  Now you can wake up to Al Pacino in Scarface saying, “You need people like me, to point your fingers at, and say I’m the bad guy!”


9. FairUse Wizard – So you downloaded TCPMP, but how do you get movies onto your Pocket PC?  Use FairUse.  Customizable and easy to use.


10. My Mobiler – View your mobile screen on your desktop, control it, capture your screen, drag and drop files and more.

That was fun.  How about some bonus utilities?

11. TomTom 6 Volume Override Loader by Nivanov – In the author’s words, “…Tomtom 5 used to override the volume, making your PDA announce turns even when it is muted. Oftentimes, I turn on my TomTom just to realize that the volume is muted and I wont hear any announcements. So I decided to write a small loader that saves the current volume setting, then sets volume to maximum, runs TomTom6 and when its closed, restores volume.”  I absolutely love this utility.


pictured above: 92 dpi

12. Real VGA from XDA Developers – This awesome utility allows you to change the DPI (dots per inch) of your display to get real VGA. 

13. SIPChange from XDA Developers – I want my default Software Input Panel (SIP) to be ZoomBoard, but my Pocket PC always defaults to the built-in keyboard.  SIPChange let’s you decide what the default keyboard is.  Now I don’t have to switch to ZoomBoard anymore, because it’s the default.

This was a labor of love.  Show some love by telling us about your favorites.


June 17, 2008 - Posted by | Pocket PC, Software, Steals and Deals, Utilities, Windows Mobile

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