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Copy DVDs With Ease


We have three little kids and lots of children’s DVDs.  Our kids are not gentle with them, and after losing and ruining several DVDs, my wife became frustrated.  She asked me to find a way to backup or copy DVDs.  Here is my success story.

I found many ways to do it, but none were easy or quick.  I actually spent hours upon hours reading articles and tutorials on how to do it.  All I came away with was confusion.  So my wife gave up on me and asked our friend to copy a DVD for us.  He told me his secret, “DVD Cloner V.”

At $59.99 it may not be cheap, but it is easy to use and very quick.  I know there are ways to do it for free, but those generally involve using more than one software and are somewhat time consuming.

DVD Cloner V does everything with one button click.  Simply start the software, put a DVD in your computer, and when the “Start copy with the configuration” screen pops up, press “continue.”  A dialog screen then pops up and shows you the details of the process.


Above, the software with no DVD in the computer.


Above: I put an Aerobics DVD in the DVD drive.


Above: The software sees the DVD and displays details about it.  Press Continue.


Above: The process starts and details are displayed. 

The software has two modes, Expert and Express.  I showed you how Express works.  Basically you pop a dvd in, press Continue, and the software figures it all out for you.  Expert lets you make decisions about the copy process. 


above: Expert mode.  This mode gives you many options.  It also lets you copy DVD to AVI, Mpeg or SVCD.

I use this software on a laptop, so I only have one drive.  The first part of the process entails Reading the DVD.  Once this part is complete, the DVD tray pops out and the software prompts you to put in a blank DVD.  I found that it takes about 45 minutes to copy a two hour movie.  I rarely use Expert mode because the movies come out great without my intervention.

If you copy a DVD 9 movie, or a dual layer DVD, onto a single layer or DVD 5, the software will copy the movie onto two DVDs if necessary.  It also recognizes the main movie and will delete extras and special features in order to fit onto the blank DVD.  It will also adjust the compression rate if necessary. 

The software supports chapter selection, allowing you to just copy the parts you want.  It also supports episodic DVD copying.  In addition, with a third party Blu-Ray Copy helper you can backup Blu-Ray DVDs.

The software comes with a trial version that lets you copy one DVD for free. 

Obviously many movies have built-in copy protection.  This software has worked on nearly every movie I backed up.  There have been some exceptions, but for the most part it has been extremely successful.  It is outrageously easy to use, as well.  I never use Expert Mode because the Express Mode makes it so easy.  The results are excellent.  The copies come out great.

Some may complain about the price of $59.99.  I don’t.  Great software has value.  This software saves me tons of time, is simple to operate, and does not require more than a couple button presses.  Using free software requires several steps, more than one software, and keen knowledge of the entire process. 

Oh, look, the source DVD has been read, the DVD tray has popped out, and the software displays the following message:


Above: the software tells the user to put in a blank DVD.  I do so and press OK.

The burning process begins:


The software displays the time elapsed and the time remaining.

The DVD I am copying is 4 GB long.


It took only 29 minutes to make a copy.  It took a total of two button presses and one change of DVDs.  It doesn’t get any easier. 

I highly recommend this software.  It is wonderfully easy to use and very effective.  Visit their website at


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