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Are Smartphones / PDAs User Friendly?

The other day I visited my doctor.  I noticed his computer desktop was absolutely cluttered with icons, a sure sign of a non-power user.  After a bit of discussion, he asked me to show him MobilitySite.  When I went to press the Internet Explorer shortcut, he stopped me, telling me Internet Explorer was corrupted, and had me use FireFox. 


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Concert Tickets Scam?


A couple weeks ago Hannah Montana announced her concert tour dates.  Now, I’m not a big fan, but my kids are.  The tickets went on sale at noon, and I was logged on to Ticket Master and was ready to go.  All I wanted were 4 tickets for the best available seats.  I didn’t get too specific, so that I wouldn’t limit myself.  So at 12:00:01 I hit the search button to acquire my tickets.  “None available, please try again.”  Huh!  Nothing available, nothing at all?  Not even some crappy seats all the way at the very top of the amphitheater? 

I kept trying, thinking someone ahead of me may have had tickets on hold and would release them.  After 30 minutes of futility I gave up.  I then tried  How about $128 per ticket?  The most expensive face value is $64.  I was in a world of hurt.  I love my kids, but 4 tickets plus parking and food would make that a $600 outing.  Sorry kids. 

But wait, Ticket Master has a service called Ticket Exchange.  Maybe they have tickets?  As a matter of fact, they do.  The cheapest one is $353.  I smell something bad here.

What does it take to get tickets? 

Now I see that my favorite band, Rush, will announce concert dates on April, 2008.  I will see them.  But what’s it going to take? 


It’s one thing to pay these outrageous fees to Ticket Master just so I can buy a ticket.  What do they call them, convenience fees?  But how come a scalper like StubHub can get tickets and I can’t?  Why don’t they have to wait in line like I do?  Why should they be able to buy any tickets at all?  It’s obvious the public wants them.  If someone buys the tickets then decides they can’t use them, then they should sell them to StubHub. 

I have a better idea.  Last weekend I saw one of the best concerts ever.  I was in the front row for Elevation, a U2 tribute band.  They rocked for almost 3 hours.  It was easily the best $7 I ever spent on a show.  And that is about half of the “convenience fee” that Ticket Master charges!


I’m going to look for a Hannah Montana tribute band as well as a Rush tribute band.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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Apple iPod Classic 80 GB Review


The iPod line was launched on October of 2001.  Apple focused its efforts on developing a simple to use, yet capable user interface.  The portable music players of the time were considered “big and clunky or small and useless” with user interfaces that were “unbelievably awful”, according to Steve Jobs.  So Apple set about the task of developing a product with a 5 GB hard drive that put “1000 songs in your pocket.”  As of now, over 120 million units have been sold worldwide, making it the best selling digital audio player (dap) in history.

How does the new Classic stack up?  Read on after the break.

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Fortune Mag’s 25 Most Powerful Business People

Fortune just released the names of the 25 Most Powerful Businesspeople in the world, which include many well known tech people.  It’s a fun list to read.  In fact, there are quite a few surprises on the list.  Here are some highlights:


1. Steve Jobs, Apple.  The magazine noted that Apple’s chairman and CEO “twice altered the direction of the computer industry”–with the introduction of the graphical user interface and the conception of “desktop publishing” (the quote marks around desktop publishing are courtesy of the magazine).

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Back to the Future

I think of an operating system as the ground, or earth, that the computer relies on.  It is the base, the rock, the framework, and it must be a solid foundation to support all the components that will spring forth from it.

With that in mind, I ask, have we progressed in the 25 years that I’ve been using computers?


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