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Chillaxin’ With Vista

Last week I was visiting customers when I settled in my hotel room.  I pulled out a cold one, turned my Vista lappy on, and connected to the wifi.  Or at least tried to.  My connection was on again, off again.  Everytime I connected and clicked on a link, I would lose the connection.  I kept restarting it, using the Dell Wifi Utility, and using all my meager powers to maintain a connection – all to no avail.  I knew that since my pocket pc connected with no problem, that my laptop had the problem. 

Part 1 Wifi or Nofi

When I returned home, I told my buddy about my connection problem.  He’s my guru.  He told me he had just bought a new Vista laptop and had the same problem.  Sony told him to go to their website and download all their patches, drivers and downloads.  I took his advice, went to Dell, and and did a search for downloads.  It asked me for my service tag #.  That is located on the bottom of my laptop.  When I entered it, I found a ton of downloads waiting for me.  Holy smokes, why didn’t they tell me about them?  I spent over an hour downloading them.  I restarted the computer and finally my wifi was running great again.

Part 2 Windows Vista SP1

The Windows Experience Blog takes you through sp1 and all the updates and improvements.  It’s good reading.  SP1 is in beta right now and should be out soon.  Part of what helped fix my problem, and that of countless others with Vista, is addressed in SP1, “My wireless network experience is improved on my laptop. Prior to SP1, I had been experiencing issues in losing connectivity on my wireless home network and having to repair the connection (especially after resuming from Sleep or Hibernation). Since SP1, I’ve not had to repair my connection once.”

Part 3 Is Vista Really That Slow, or is it You?

My laptop is a brand new Core Duo, and it is slower than my 5 year old laptop.  It’s killing me.  I mean, Vista looks cool and all, but I can’t get anything done.  It’s so sloooooooooooowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  Time to make some adjustments.  And they are easy to do.  Here we go:

1. go to Start

2. Control Panel

3. System and Maintenance

4. Power Options

5. Choose High Performance

6. Go back to System and Maintenance

7. Performance Information and Tools

8. Adjust visual effects

9. Adjust for best performance

You will notice a huge difference in the appearance and performance.  The appearance will be more bland.  It will be less exciting and visual, but that’s ok, b/c the system will speed up a ton.  You will be motoring.  Your new laptop will become faster than the old one.  Finally.


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Birdsoft’s All in Texas Hold ’em Review

Birdsoft All in Texas Hold ‘Em v 2.751
Available from the Birdsoft Website for $16.95
It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master
Birdsoft’s All In Texas Hold ‘Em is just like the real thing.

I’ve battled against the best players for hours and finally I’m heads up for the championship with my nemesis, Larry. At one point I had a two to one chip lead, but he battled back with some lucky draws, and now he has a slight chip lead. The dealer just dealt me a pair of black queens. Larry checks. I make no facial expression as I raise three times the blind, or $450. I want to put all my chips in now, but I don’t want to scare Larry off the pot.
But Larry reraises me! He bets another $450. I think he has Ace King. I just call and we see a flop. The dealer throws out ACE OF DIAMONDS, SEVEN OF DIAMONDS AND QUEEN OF CLUBS. Bingo! Three of a kind for me! I, again, make no facial expression (even though I’m playing against a pocket pc!) and check, hoping to trap my opponent. I think Larry hit his Ace and thinks he has me beat. Sure enough, Larry bets big, $1500. I make a face like, “why so much Larry?” Then I hem and haw like Gus Hansen, the poker pro, and rub my head. I have him beat. The trick is to get all my money into the pot to maximize my winnings…

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