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Feel the Evil of the 17 Year Itch

They’re Here!

Known as periodical Cicadas because they only appear once every 17 years, these 1.5″ monsters fester underground their entire lives.  They sustain themselves by drinking the blood of children.  I almost lost a couple of mine, were it not for some quick thinking and fast action:


These cicadas are part of Brood XIII, and appear in the Chicago area once every 17 years.  There are 7 different types of Cicadas, and they appear either every 13 or 17 years in different parts of the country.

They attack with a viciousness only rivaled by my pet hamster.  To the left is my six year old daughter Drew.  She wanted to take them home as pets.  I don’t know what is more disgusting, that thought or those bugs.

We took the family to Lake County Illinois’ Cicada Mania, where they had fun projects for kids, information about Cicadas, and of course, featured the Cicadas themselves.  Lovely.














Below is a picture of yours truly getting violently attacked.  There is a lawsuit pending.

In the background are trees full of billions of Cicadas.  I urge you to run away! 

Cicada Mania was a riot.  There were reporters from as far away as Japan there.  Apparantly Cicadas are a big deal, literally.

They live for 30 days after they rise from the ground.  They come up for only one thing, and that’s to get down and get funky with a mate.  The males make a very loud sound with their wings.  It buzzes at about 90 decibles, which is as loud as a concert.  These bugs are very docile and don’t bite.  They are very harmless.  My kids had lots of fun with them. 

My oldest is 8 years old and that’s how old I was when I first came in contact with Cicadas.  This is the third brood I have seen in my life and it is interesting to pass on a tradition to my children.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this non-tech view into one of the scariest, most terror filled bugs man has ever experienced.


July 17, 2007 - Posted by | Opinions

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