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What’s Your Go To Software?

In a pinch, if you have to jot a quick note, phone number or driving directions, what software will you use to do it with on your mobile device? 

Are you going to open up Pocket Informant, find the right company or person, then open that file up and enter notes?  Are you going to do that with the built in keyboard or block recognizer?  Don’t tell me your going to pull out your bluetooth keyboard, set it up, pair it with your device, and then put the notes in.  I didn’t think so.

I’ve searched long and hard for my goto software.  I’ve used almost everything I could find.  I tried Outlook, PI, Agenda Fusion, but those took too long to enter information.  I want to be organized, but if I’m going to write something quick, I don’t need to spend 60 seconds finding a contact in my database writing a note I’ll never look at again.  Apmemo was nice, noteriffic was cool, then I switched from Outlook to Act, but that didn’t help entering notes. 

Then I stumbled upon Phatpad and my search ended.  It’s the perfect quick note app for me.  To be sure, I have Tengo Thumb, and a bluetooth keyboard, but nothing beats handwriting quick notes in your own hand.  You’ve seen many reviews of Phatpad, like Doug’s, so I’m not going to re-review it.  It’s just my goto software.  When I get back to the office, I add notes to contacts if that’s necessary.  It’s quick and easy, and that’s my opinion.

What is your goto software?


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We have two computers at home.  One is downstairs and one is this laptop I’m using right now that we keep in the kitchen on a desk.  I barely get to use it anymore because my children, ages 8, 6 and 4, have become computer proficient and have decided to take over my laptop.  MY LAPTOP.  My wife also decided this is her laptop as well.  I must wait in the cue to use MY LAPTOP.  Since when did MY LAPTOP become communal property?  Why are schools teaching my children how to use computers?

A mere 33 years ago, when I was eight years old, we didn’t have computers.  And on a brisk Chicago day like today, when it was -7 degrees out, (yes, minus 7!), we’d all go to the park and play football.  To this day some of my friends still don’t have their lips.  But I jest…Really, we didn’t have all these gaming systems and portable games and laptops.  We had board games, which we didn’t play, because we had the park at the corner and we played football every day.  And when it was nice out, we’d get on our bikes and ride out to this construction area that was 15 miles away and set up jumps and do tricks all day.  We were in great shape.

We ate food merely for fuel.  There wasn’t such an abundance of fast food places and the grocery store didn’t have nearly so many prepackaged foods.  We actually had to buy fruits and veggies and cook.  I used to eat sandwiches with fresh meats and cheeses, not burgers and fries cooked in tallow.  We’d all pack lunches on our daily excursions.  But today we wouldn’t dream of letting a child out of our site – but that’s another story. 

I want my kids to learn how to use computers.  I want them to have advantages I didn’t have.  But there must be a balance between physical and mental activities.  And I don’t want them to take shortcuts in learning.  Looking up Wikis is not learning.  We used to go to libraries and read books.  Using a graphing calculator is NOT a substitute for learning to work out math problems.  And I want them to get off their FAT ASSES and get active in sports before they become fat.  That’s my opinion.  And, uh, GO BEARS!

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